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Greenville, North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Right to a Hearing

If you have filed a Workers’ Compensation claim and have had your claim denied or have had your payments stopped by your employer, you have the right to a hearing with the North Carolina Industrial Commission in order to contest the denial of payment. Having your Workers’ Compensation attorney represent you at your hearing will help you obtain a favorable outcome. You must file a specific form to request a hearing and must have detailed information readily available at your hearing. By having a lawyer file your claim and represent you during your hearing, you can rest assured that you have all the information that will be necessary – so you will have the best chance of having your payments reinstated or of having the Industrial Commission reverse your claim denial.

Greenville Workers’ Compensation attorney Timothy E. Burch is an experienced trial attorney who has dealt with workplace accident and injury cases for many years. He and his staff are committed to providing excellent legal representation and one-on-one customer service that has helped many of our clients get the benefits they need.

At Burch Law Office, we help injured workers throughout Eastern North Carolina, including Greenville, Kinston, Williamston, Washington and Snow Hill. We want to help ensure you receive Workers’ Compensation for your injury or occupational disease.

Workers’ Compensation Hearings & Forms

There are several forms which are required by law in regards to your claim, in requesting a hearing for a denied claim or in response to an employer’s request to stop payments.

  • Form 18 – Notice of Accident to Employer & Claim of Employee, Representative, or Dependent – this is the initial claim, to be filed by the employee, informing the employer and Industrial Commission of the accident or illness. This must be filed within 2 years of the injury date or occupational disease diagnosis.
  • Form 19 – Employer’s Report of Employee’s Injury or Occupational Disease to the Industrial Commission – the employer must file this form within 5 days of knowledge of the accident.
  • Form 33 – Request that Claim be Assigned for Hearing – this form is used when the parties fail to come to an agreement regarding compensation. In this case, the Industrial Commission will schedule a hearing and will make a ruling regarding the claim.
  • Form 60 – Employer’s Admission of Employee’s Rights to Compensation – the employer files this form when admitting the employee’s right to compensation for an injury or occupational disease.
  • Form 24 – Application to Terminate or Suspend Payment of Compensation – the employer or insurer files this form in order to apply for the termination of Workers’ Compensation benefits. Your payments will be stopped unless you fill out Section B of this form, requesting a hearing with the Industrial Commission. You must fill out Section B within 17 days of your employer’s mailing of Form 24.
  • Form 63 – Notice to Employee of Payment of Compensation without Prejudice – an employer may file this form if he/she has not made a decision regarding whether the claim is valid. This is an agreement to pay compensation, without admitting liability.

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