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Greenville Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Attorney for Work Accident and Injury Claims in Greenville

Were you injured at the workplace or as the result of the performance of your job duties? A work-related injury may happen to anyone at any time. Even office workers or those who do not perform physical labor may be at risk of involvement in an accident of some kind, and those risks only increase for employees in fields such as:

  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing

If you or someone you know suffered a work injury in the Greenville area, you may have the right to file a workers' compensation claim to seek benefits for your injuries.

At Burch Law Office, our zealous Greenville workers' comepensation attorney can help you seek the full financial benefits to which you should be entitled under North Carolina workers' comp laws. The firm is dedicated to helping clients navigate each step of the claims process, leaving no stone unturned. We provide personalized attention and are committed to aggressive legal counsel, and can help in the event of a dispute or denial.

How Our Attorney Can Help

Founding Attorney Timothy E. Burch is highly experienced in all types of accident and injury claims and represents clients throughout Greenville and the surrounding areas in Pitt County as well as throughout Eastern North Carolina in:

  • Lenoir County
  • Greene County
  • Martin County
  • Beaufort County

Your initial consultation is free and confidential, and we offer our services on a contingency fee basis.

You pay nothing unless we negotiate a settlement or win a jury award on your behalf.

Workers' Compensation Claims & Benefits

An injured worker may have the right to file a workers' compensation claim for virtually any type of accident or injury that occurs at the workplace or during the performance of his or her job duties. This applies regardless of who was "at fault" for causing the injury or accident, unless the case involves a worker who was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Some of the types of cases that may be covered include:

  • Work-related auto accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Heavy equipment injuries
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Injuries from heavy lifting
  • Illness caused by hazardous exposure at the workplace

Worker's Compensation Law is lengthy and complex and you need the assistance of a professional legal mind to help you attain the maximum compensation available to you. The compensation laws contain information for employers and employees in North Carolina and they define who is eligible for compensations as well as the amount of compensation that can be paid to workers who have been injured.

Greenville Workers' Compensation lawyer Timothy E. Burch has in-depth knowledge of these laws and regulations and knows how to use the law on your behalf. Under the North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act, NCGS Chapter 97, an employee is not held liable even if he or she was partially or wholly at fault in the accident. The act also states that all compensation that is received for injury or disability is tax exempt. Due to the statute of limitations on most Workers' Comp Claims, it is imperative that you contact our law office today.

Most employers throughout North Carolina are required to carry workers' compensation insurance, which covers the payment of claims for work accidents and injuries. By filing a claim of this kind, an employee may be able to receive benefits for medical care and regular payments for lost wages while unable to work. These benefits may have a significant impact on an injured employee's ability to work toward a more secure future by lessening or eliminating the financial impact that the injuries may have had.

Why a Greenville Workers' Comp Attorney?

Filing for workers' compensation in Greenville can be difficult, particularly if any question arises regarding the validity of a claim. In addition to helping you properly file your claim, an attorney can help if anything comes up regarding whether your accident is actually related to your job. There is the possibility that your employer or the insurance company may treat you unfairly or may deny your claim. In the presence of wrongful termination or bad faith practices by the insurer, your lawyer can protect your legal rights and interests while seeking the highest amount of benefits possible on your behalf.

Contact a Greenville workers' compensation lawyer today!

Whether you have been injured at work during heavy lifting or by a machine that has been improperly calibrated, you will need the skilled legal knowledge of a Greenville workers' compensation attorney on your side. After an injury, and you can no longer work (either temporarily or permanently), you will need an alternative method of income in order to continue supporting yourself or your family.

Here at the Burch Law Office, the legal team is completely dedicated to protecting the rights of their clients and ensuring that each injured individual obtains the settlement that he or she deserves. Dealing with injured clients on a daily basis, lead workers' comp lawyer Timothy Burch understands that you will need this settlement to continue making ends meet. Without it, you may slip into debt and be forced to file for bankruptcy. For more information on the services the firm provides and how hiring an attorney will be extremely beneficial to your case, call the firm today!

Contact Greenville workers' comp attorney Tim Burch today for a free review of your case.

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